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Your Vacation, Your Way

Find your perfect holiday with us! Whether it's a romantic honeymoon, family vacation, solo adventure, specialized trip in wellness, wildlife, sports, or relaxation, we've got you covered.

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Save & Travel On The Go

Automate your savings and reach your travel goals with our pay-small-small plan

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Adventure without limits

Discover new worlds and uncover the extraordinary, one destination at a time.

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Seamless visa applications

Maximise your chances of visa approvals with our professional visa guidance

Travel the Xcursions Way

Achieve total travel freedom in just 3 easy steps

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Select your destination

Whether you’re looking for a short break in Europe, or a long vacation in Asia, we’ve got packages to suit your taste and across all continents.


Start Saving

No money, no problem! Our Xcursions Pay-small-small plan helps you save and travel on the go. Join our Xcursions 'Pay Small Small Plan' and save gradually with zero charges.

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Locked In? Journey Sets!

Once you've set up your plan, just sit back and observe how your savings unlock the door to the the travel experiences of your dreams.

Must-See Adventures in 2024

Go all in with these fun-filled adventures carefully curated to create your most memorable year yet

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