21st Mar, 2024

5 things you can do on a vacation to Carpe Diem


First a beach and then a bar, Carpe Diem is a dream attraction for tourists and Fun-seekers around the world. The sights, the experience, and the exercises promised are one of a kind, sure to remain unforgettable and keep you longing for more.

So, if your goal is to relax, tour, party, or have a fun vacation, here are five things you can do on a vacation to carpe diem.


1. Well, Relax At The Beach!

What's the Carpe Diem experience without the beach? Carpe Diem flaunts one of the top 10 Beaches in the world, and chilling at the serene site is one of the best things to do. You get to experience the beautiful sound of waves, the relaxing summer breeze, and the dreamy scenery of pine trees. Several fun activities make the beach one of the best places to visit. You could swim, experience the crystal blue water on a boat, or thrill your family with the Stand Up Paddle Boarding. What's more? The transparent Kayaks offered by the seaside luxury bars give a unique perspective of the beautiful turquoise sea.

Speaking of the luxury bars, here is another destination at Carpe Diem...

2. Visit the Carpe Diem Bar.

Who says you can't have a fun beach experience and be dry? The luxury bar isn't just any resort rather, it's the perfect place for spending quality time with your friends and family. Go on a thrilling culinary journey and try out unique recipes that stun. The Bar offers an extensive menu of delicious seafood, a wide variety of quality breakfasts, cocktails, and unique signature recipes. So if you're looking for places to eat, a reservation at the bar can give you and the whole family a good time in a relaxed atmosphere. 

There is more. The fun experiences even peak when the sun begins to set...

3. Carpe Diem After Beach Party.

The Carpe Diem beach isn't just like the other beautiful beaches that only offer picturesque landscapes; it also hosts one of the best sunset parties in the world. Mingle with other travelers in an electrifying atmosphere and dance to the best beats by world-class DJs. No other outdoor event beats a party beneath the waning summer sun and above the beach sand.

It gets even better if you're a night crawler because a few hours after the Beach Party, you have one of the wildest Beach clubbing in the entire world...

4. Experience The Beach Night Club.

What do you get when you combine the open sea and the starry night sky with the hardest club beats and thrilling spectacles? You get a unique clubbing experience you will never forget. With renowned DJs from around the world, the charged mood will keep you awake all night. Lose all sense of time and keep dancing till the sun comes up.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you get to have it every night!

5. Explore, Explore, Explore.

Maybe you don't wanna party or stay in the sand that long. Maybe all you want to do is explore and discover the island all over. Maybe this is an excursion planned for the kids, and your definition of fun is less loud music and more visual education. You may have heard of famous restaurants or hotels around Hvar and anticipate its beautiful parks and attractions. Whatever the goal is, exploring is an answer that never misses.

From sailing comfort yachts and speedboat tours to snorkelling and recreational fishing, Carpe Diem offers a ton of fun activities that allow you to explore your heart's content. Visit the iconic residential areas of Hvar Island and learn the practices of the hospitable inhabitants. Visually teach your kids everything they need about the coast and its ecosystem.

Sail, swim, snorkel, party, learn, live, and have the best time of your life.

Welcome to Carpe Diem!


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