16th Jan, 2024

Exploring New Horizons: A Complete Guide for Newbie Travelers

“My first travel experience was a whirlwind of emotions - a mix of chaos and adventure. The road trip to Ghana was exciting, the chaos only began when we got off the bus. Little did we know that the school authorities overlooked necessary plans and provisions. We were offered the most outrageous experiences that have left a not-so-great lasting impression on me”. Haneefah’s “adventurous” five nights in Ghana is what motivated us to write this for our newbie travelers!

Setting off on your maiden voyage is an exciting experience filled with anticipation and curiosity, similar to opening the first page of a novel, and wondering what adventures lie within. As thrilling as it seems, exploring new destinations, immersing yourself in various cultures, and creating lifelong memories, can be overwhelming. From your wanderlust thoughts to navigating unfamiliar land, picture this as your guide to seamless exploration as a first-time traveler. 

Step I: Envision & Plan

Begin by dreaming up the perfect destination for yourself. What is your vacation destination?

Preferences? Once you’ve set your sights, create a budget, and plan your trip with Xcursions. Ensure to do as much research and ask us as many questions as you require. Remember, your comfort is of the utmost importance, and whatever information you need to ensure that, get it!

Step II: Pre-travel Checklist

Ensure all essential documents are up-to-date in both hard and soft copies to alleviate airport stress. Smart pack based on climate conditions and take necessary vaccinations. Delegate work and reschedule meetings if need be, for a stress-free vacation. Checked all these? You're set for a relaxing and exciting trip!

Step III: Leave the Travel Jitters

Your dream destination is only a couple of hours away, and those airport checkpoints? They're just safety measures. Stay calm, they're there for everyone's safety, including yours. Remember, with Xcursions, you're in safe hands. 

Step IV: Explore

Leave room on your itinerary for more than relaxation. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace thrilling outdoor activities. Don't miss paragliding in Namibia or the adrenaline rush of quad biking in Rwanda; these experiences define true travel adventures beyond lounging and local cuisine exploration.

Step V: Savor Moments & Capture Memories

Enjoyment is paramount! Capture memories with journals, photos, and videos, but prioritize being present in the moment. Cherish the "me time" and adventures you've granted yourself! 

Ultimately, the best guide for a newbie traveler is to, well, travel. The best way to familiarize

yourself with traveling and get more confident in your exploring skills is by getting out there

and making Xcursions your travel partner!

Till next time. Bon voyage, co-traveler! How can we make your travel experience better?

Reach out to us and let us know! 

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