11th Mar, 2024

Lebanon Vacation Package 2024 - Your Dream Getaway


The first step towards planning the perfect vacation is to ask the right questions. This article answers four significant questions on Lebanon vacation packages with Xcursions. Brace up; this is all you need to know about your dream vacation in Lebanon.

First, let's start with the location of Lebanon. 

What continent is Lebanon located in?

Lebanon is located in Asia, bordered by Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. It has a strong cultural heritage and a mix of diversity. Lebanon is best suited for travellers who love sunsets, feeling the ocean breeze on their skin, and enjoying the scenery of the mountains. 

Another thing you should know is how to obtain a visa to Lebanon for a vacation.

How can I obtain a visa to Lebanon for Vacation?

Our Lebanon Vacation package includes your Visa and Lebanon Flight tickets, and the visa remains valid throughout your vacation. The package also includes a half-day tour at Baalbek Beirut, a Wine tasting tour, a Jetta, Grotto, Harris's and Byblos tour, paragliding, a Boat cruise, and more.

Please note: $1000 cash must be shown at the immigration to prove you can sustain yourself while on the trip.

Next, why should you visit Lebanon?

Why you should visit Lebanon

Simply put, Lebanon has something for everyone, whether you are interested in history, art, nature, or sports. There's always a fantastic place for travellers to visit. From the magical atmosphere of Jeita Grotto, Harissa, to the dazzling charm of Beirut, Lebanon offers an inclusive experience.

Lebanon is an affordable and convenient destination, especially with our Lebanon package deals. You can save more when you book as a group. What's more? You can pay-small-small and complete it 21 days before your trip. 

 Next, let's consider the best times to visit Lebanon.

When is the best time to visit Lebanon?

There is no wrong time to visit Lebanon. From March to May, the weather is mild, and the flowers are in bloom. Then, from April to August, you can explore their multicultural beach or attend the Beirut International Film Festival; you can also visit from September to December, when the temperatures are more relaxed and the crowds are fewer. 

Lebanon is a beautiful place to visit, without any controversy. Now, let’s take one more step in planning your dream vacation.

Introducing Xcrusions Lebanon Tours

With our Lebanon tour package, you don't have to worry about anything, whether you are a first-timer or a regular. We will cover everything for you, from the flight, visa, and insurance to the transfers, places to stay, and tours. You will stay for six nights at a 4-star hotel, with daily breakfast included.

Whether you're planning a solo trip or a trip with family or friends, you can customize your itinerary and add more activities or attractions as you wish.

Dearest Co-traveller, we look forward to seeing you explore the great outdoors of Lebanon and create memories of a lifetime.


Contact us anytime and send your inquiry; we will gladly assist you with your travel needs. 


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