1st Mar, 2024

Travelling with Xcursions: A Co-Traveller’s Narrative


One of the most common questions we get at Xcursion is how our customers feel about travelling with us. They want to know the vibe, the story, and the essence of the adventure.

In this article, we interviewed Providence Samuel, a passionate software engineer who finds solace in travelling and has chosen Xcursion as her preferred travel partner.

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Can you kindly introduce yourself? 

My name is Providence Samuel. I'm a software engineer. I'm also a cool guy. And I love travelling. And I've been using Xcursions to travel every time I want to travel, whether within Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

That's great. Can you share some highlights from your recent travel with Xcursions?

It was beautiful. I travelled to Beirut, Lebanon. Recently, we transited to Qatar, to the 9th Street. That was outside the country. Within the country, I travelled to Obudu mountain resorts twice with Xcursions, and the experience was really nice. 

The highlight, I would say, from each of those travels was every time I travelled; I didn't have to worry about accommodation. I didn't have to worry about security, and I didn't have to worry about having a tall guy to show me around in these places.

Everything I required was readily available as part of my trip package. So it's not just about going there. I also had your accommodation, security, food, and other things secured for me.


Can you tell me about the accommodation? Were they as you expected, and did they improve your overall experience?

Yeah, they were more than I expected. Nice questions. We stayed in really nice places. 

Did you participate in any unique activities during the trip?

Yeah, in Beirut, I visited the local club. I experienced their nightlife and enjoyed their local food. I also went around to their beach on my own, apart from the laid-out activities council. Explore that change on your own if you want to. And just that you have to be security conscious while you're doing it.

How would you describe travelling with Xcursions throughout all your trips?

It was smooth—very smooth. There were not many hassles. Everything was already taken care of, right? From flight tickets to your feeding, everything was all right.

What memorable local experience do you remember from any of your trips?

Well, in Obudu, I remember almost entering Cameroon because Obudu is very close to the border of Cameroon, and we met some locals who cross from Cameroon and stuff like that. So all of them are always memorable. They're always like a lot of highlights when you travel to all these kinds of places for tourism.

What advice would you give someone considering using Xcursion for their travel plans based on your own experience?

Make sure you have enough money for everything upfront. If you're going abroad, bring some simple things like milk and instant tea or coffee. That way, you can make tea easily if needed, and there's usually bread everywhere. Don't bring metal containers to the airport; go for bigger refillable ones.

 Also, carry some extra cash for both international and local trips in case you don't like the provided food. You can buy your own from local stores. Being ready with food is important for a good travel experience, especially if you plan on activities like hiking or exploring the country.

Travelling with Xcursions should be a part of your 2024 goals. Escape the heat and explore breathtaking landscapes across Europe and Africa. Visit Xcursions.ng to curate your dream vacation today!


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